Eric Billig WORKS in Thermally Modified Wood

Eric Billig, wave bench

Wave Bench – has storage drawers under the seats


Eric Billig WORKS: “I’m working on a whole line based on this material. You’ve got all the building blocks of the perfect eco friendly green wood: totally domestic, indoor/ outdoor, ready for an oil finish and most importantly– boom!┬ádimensionally stable! So we can do some serious archival joints with domestic material made for outside with no fasteners! Wow!” – Eric Billig about DuraHolz Thermally Modified Wood.

Eric Billig, wave bench with drawers open

Wave Bench with storage drawers open


Eric Billig, bench

Bench made of Thermally Modified Wood on display at Eastside Lumber & Decking

Eric Billig, sauna bench

Sauna Bench made with NO FASTENERS


Eric Billig, cafe chair

Cafe Chair without Penofin Verde oil

Eric Billig, bar stool

Bar Stool with Penofin Verde oil finish

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