Framing Contractor James Galvin

Jim Galvin ContractingI delivered some joist hangers to a jobsite to one of our fabulously competent customers James Galvin and his crew.  We shared some Torchy’s Tacos and a beautiful spring day in Austin on the site.

While I was there, the homeowner stopped by the jobsite. He had not seen the house since the second floor went up.  He could see the view of the big oak trees that he would wake up to each morning. He could walk onto the porches and see the neighborhood from that angle for the first time. The homeowner was excited, and it was fun to witness.

Framing a house is a very satisfying moment for everyone. All the hard work, visioning, and planning finally has bones. It has heft and volume. All the neighbors slow down and stare. The homeowner can finally feel that this dream is really going to come true.

It was also very satisfying to be on a job site with such competent carpenters. They work as a team, communicate well, and look me in the eye when we talk.  Framers often work for a short list of builders for many years.  It is a very important relationship for a home builder, based on trust because the quality of the framing affects every other layer of construction.

Here are a few more pictures of Jim Galvin’s job site in south Austin. It is a true pleasure to work with such talent.  You can reach James Galvin at 512-970-6488 or at .

James Galvin Framing frontJames Galvin Framing view throughJames Galvin trussesJames Galvin LVLs

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