Penofin Application Instructions


Penofin for Harwood is made from Brazilian Rosewood oil, extracted from the seeds of the tree.  It is a plant-based oil not a petroleum-based product. Both types of oil do the same thing, which is to keep the surface grain moist or oiled. Variations in climate — hot, cold, wet, and dry — will eventually break down the oil. Ipe is very dense and has a very tight grain and does not absorb oil very well, so it will need to be re-oiled every year to keep it looking like new. The gate in the photo is on the north side of the home facing west and gets the afternoon and setting sun.  In these photos the contractor waited 3 years between coats and it looked like new after the application. Ipe is not fragile and could go 2 to 3 years before refinishing and still get the same results except for the fact that the Texas sun will cause small surface checking or cracks if Ipe is allowed to dry out, especially if it is west or south facing and gets all day sun.

Another important part of Ipe protection and installation is sealing the end cuts with latex which we also sell.  Ipe looses most of its moisture through the end grain.  The sealing of the end grain with latex stops checking or cracking on the ends.  Penofin for Hardwood with Rosewood Oil does the same thing to the surface.

Penofin has 99% U.V protection and a mildewcide or fungicide to prevent mold.  Mold occurs more under trees and in shade.  Of course the less oil on the surface the more chance you have of sun damage and mold growth.

When applying Penofin shake well and stir thoroughly. Do not thin or blend with other products.  Do not over apply.  Excess oil will not penetrate.  It will jell on the surface and result in a tacky finish.  Do not apply when wood is hot to the touch, or when wood is wet or the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure that the Ipe has not been sitting in the sun and getting hot.

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