Ranch Carpentry – Ipe Fence, Front Porch, and TV Cover

We really enjoy our customers and hearing about their projects. John Jones of Ranch Carpentry works on a variety of projects from hip restaurants to home remodeling. Most of Johnny’s work is gained by word of mouth referrals from customers. So we are sharing a peek at his work here.  You can reach John at 512-743-2968.

Ipe fence, side view

Ipe fence, long side



This ipé fence adds color and a contemporary surround to a brick home with clean lines.





The contemporary fence complements the remodeled large window that sits aside the inside stairway.



Porch rebuild



This porch that Ranch Carpentry remodeled changed the face of the house. He used rough cedar for the timber framing, smooth stained cedar for the ceiling and floor, painted wood rails, and Hardie siding for the vented skirt.




Porch remodel changes face of house




Here you can see what a big difference this porch made to the curb appeal of the house.




TV cover



This is a clever way to put away the television.

Thanks for sharing, Johnny!

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