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Ipé (pronounced “ee-pay”) is a large tropical hardwood tree that grows abundantly throughout Central and South America. Also known as Ironwood, Brazilian Walnut, Pau Lope or Lapacho, Ipe (or ipé) is prized for its durability, strength, and its natural resistance to decay, wet conditions, and insect infestation. Ipé’s remarkable properties have already made it the top choice for commercial and residential decking and siding. Ipé has a well-established reputation as a premium decking, siding, and fencing material. In addition to its strength, it has a beautiful dark color and a tight grain that gives it a consistent coloring. It is the wood used on the famous Atlantic City boardwalk.


Ipé wood also compares favorably to other woods. Not only is it 40% heavier than Teak wood, it is also more than 368% harder. Because of its hardness ipé drys out from the ends and latex is recommended to seal the ends of all cuts. Here at Eastside Lumber & Decking, we consider ipé one of the more challenging products to work with. We often recommend using an experienced ipé craftsman. Give us a call for a recommendation, we know several of the best in Austin or we can help the handyman learn what to expect when working with ipé.


Ipé is a dense wood and is often left unfinished to grey from exposure to the elements. Ipé can be clear sealed or stained which brings out the beauty of the wood’s varied rich colors.

ipe deck and poolThis ipé deck was constructed using a mix of 1″x6″, 1″x4″, and 1″x2″ boards of random lengths. With the rich color of the ipé and the varying dimensions of the wood, this pool deck looks comfortable and organic.

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